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PEAK 3×3 Crossover Tour

Watch out 3×3 Ballers! In October 2016 the first 3×3 tour orgnaized3x3Crossover Kopie blk by DBB and NBB together will be played on both sides of the Dutch-German Border. PEAK will be partner of this 3×3 project. The crossing of the border made its way to the tour name when ballers from Germany travel to the Netherlands to play 3×3 and Dutch ballers play in events on the German side.

At the end of that small tour there will be a tour final to which both finalists of the qualifiers in the categories men, women, uner 18 men and under 18 women will advance. Additional spots in the tour final will be awarded with wild cards by DBB and NBB. Only teams that have played in the qualifiers are eligible for those wild cards. For the U18 categories in 3×3 the age is 1998 (and younger) until 01.11.2016.

This tour has been awarded with the status of a 3×3 satellite by FIBA which means that the winner in the men’s catgory will have the chance to play a FIBA 3×3 Challenger in 2017. For all teams in the 3×3 rankings of both nations this is a good opportunity to collect ranking points. The winners in all caegories in the qualifiers and the tour final will receive prices sponsored by PEAK.

The registration for the tour will be on the FIBA platform www.3x3planet.com where every player must be registered with an own profile. For the qualifiers a small fee will be charged whereas the participation in the tour final will be free. Every player receives a tour shirt at the qualifiers. If teams reach a qualifier final a second time or multiple times the teams in the places 3 and/or 4 of the corrsponding qualifiers will advance to the tour final as well.

The dates and locations are (click to switch to 3x3planet.com)

08.10.16 Aachen (Gesamtschule Brand)

09.10.16 Ibbenbüren (J.-Kepler-Gymnasium)

15.10.16 Haren (NL)

16.10.16 Dortmund (Goethe-Gymnasium)

22.10.16 Bemmel (NL)

23.10.16 FINAL Münster (Geschwister-Scholl-Schulzentrum)


The number of spots per category is limited. The registration is open and will become valid after the team’s fee has been transferred. Other registrations will be deleted. Teams and players under 18 years of age have bring the disclaimer with a signature of a parental guardian to the check-in. Adult teams can sign at the check-in. Check-in for the events will be at 11.00 h and the games will start around 12.00 h.

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